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The University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) sets out to create a foundation for international collaboration enabling academics and students from some of the world’s top universities to work together on issues of global importance.

How to use this site
This site is intended to be a practical tool, enabling staff and students at member universities to connect, interact and share information on different topics remotely. The site is very much an interactive project it itself - you can add your own wiki's (websites), upload files and start discussions.

To begin with, we suggest browsing the menu on the right. You can collapse or expand the menu to show all pages, or specific topics such as UGPN Meetings or Student and staff mobility. The research pages provide an overview of activity in a given area, as well as a list of all the additional wiki's (websites) that have been created within this area. Whilst the site is fairly new you may find there are few or no wiki's in your area of interest at the moment. We suggest setting up a new wiki's for projects and/or specific research areas. Setting up a wiki allows you to set permissions on who can view and edit the page, chat with other members of the UGPN network and share information easily including files, videos, photos and more.

UGPN Meeting April 2016
A page will be created for the UGPN Meeting in April 2017. This can be found accessed via the menu to the right.

Overview presentation of the UGPN

We hope you find this site useful. If you have any issues or queries please feel free to email me: